What is a Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR) in LEED?

What is a Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR) in LEED?

After the project is registered at LEED Online, if a project team has questions about the technical details of a prerequisite, credit, or MPR...
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LEED Cerficiation For LEED For Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) Projects

Project Certification Process For LEED For Neighorhood Development (LEED ND) Projects

The certification process for LEED ND projects is different from certification of other rating systems due to the lengthy project durations of LEED ND projects...
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LEED Project Review

Project Review Phase For LEED BD+C And LEED ID+C Projects

There are two types of review options for LEED BD+C and LEED ID+C projects. The first option is the...
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What is GBCI?

Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), formerly known as Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), is the sister organization of USGBC that administers...
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40/60 Rule | LEED Blog

What Is 40/60 Rule in LEED?

The 40/60 rule is used to choose the appropriate rating system for the project if the project seems to fit under multiple rating systems...
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Regional Priority Credit | LEED Blog

Regional Priority Credit

LEED projects span the entire globe. They exist in different climate zones and in different population densities, and they...
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LEED Rating Systems | LEED Blog

LEED Rating Systems Overview

Just like individuals have credentials such as LEED Green Associate or LEED AP BD+C...

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LEED Prerequisites, Credits, And Pilot Credits | LEED Blog

LEED Prerequisites, Credits, And Pilot Credits

Prerequisites are the minimum requirements that all buildings under a certain rating system...
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LEED Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs) | LEED Blog

LEED Minimum Program Requirements

The minimum program requirements are the minimum standards / characteristics that...

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What Is Life-Cycle Approach In LEED?  | LEED Blog

What Is Life-Cycle Approach In LEED?

A life cycle of a building covers location selection, design, construction...
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Sustainable Thinking | LEED Blog

Sustainable Thinking

The green building process is very different from the conventional building process...
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Regenerative Design | LEED Blog

What Is Regenerative Design?

Regenerative design is an important aspect to mention that can be seen...
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